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Hi, I’m Robbie. An IT strategist, a flight paramedic, and an advocate for EMS who specializes in leadership and communication training. I believe leadership is more than just a position, it’s about taking care of others and creating a bold vision of the future that bring people along on a journey.

My core philosophy about leadership is to help others we must first think about what we really want, for ourselves, our community, and our society. Asking the right questions will typically lead to a greater discovery and we must never assume have all the answers. Listening is often the most valuable communication gifts that we can bring to any situation.

I’ve used this same thought process to create the EMS Leadership Academy, host the EMS Leadership Summit, and launch training programs, with my brilliant co-founder Lisa Giruzzi, all designed to help EMS providers get fulfill on what they want, to reinvent themselves as the type of leader others would want to follow. This is done through a signature transformational EMS Leadership Academy framework, either in an on-site 2 day training or through our online training and coaching programs.

I continue to use my background in IT to help organizations design their online presence and create a strategy for producing results. 

Now a days you’ll find me traveling a lot, delivering training programs, being a lifelong learner myself, and of course sipping a Starbucks refresher.

WhileI enjoy creating for our blog, most of my writing is done through our email list. If you sign up, you’ll also get access to our @911Leadership newsletter, and a free gift for signing up — our 7 day mini-course, a retail value of $97 for free.

My Official Bio

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Robbie MacCue has more than 18 years experience in the EMS industry.  Currently, he is serving as a paramedic Captain with the Town of Colonie, in New York, in their Special Operations Division for ground rescue, flight & tactical medicine. He performs international medical flights with REVA air ambulance. He served as President of Sand Lake Ambulance, a non-profit EMS organization in Upstate New York, for 14 years. In addition, Robbie is a CPR instructor who is passionate about empowering others to save more lives.

Robbie graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a BS in Information Technology & Management Information Systems and from Case Western University’s Executive MBA program with their speciality Cleveland Clinic health care leadership program. Robbie enjoys providing business consulting that combines his love of technology with healthcare to businesses and non-profit organizations.

Robbie is licensed through the Standard’s for Excellence® Institute that gives independent consultants the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about and implementing the Standards for Excellence® code.

Robbie has partnered with the American Heart Association and cardiac arrest survivors to teach CPR to over 3,000 students at his home town high school in Averill Park, NY, and took the message statewide spearheading a movement to pass legislation that added hands-only CPR to the health education curriculum in New York State. Due to his expertise, Robbie has appeared on XM Satellite Radio’s Doctor Radio show, a local NBC news affiliate, front page of NY’s Capital Region Times Union newspaper and Real Conversations, a talk show in NY’s Capital Region. In 2013, Robbie was awarded Advocate of the Year by the American Heart Association’s New York affiliate chapter.

With looming budget issues and other constraints, Robbie realized the need to transform his non-profit ambulance company and medical training company so he began diligently working  with leading communication authority and organizational change expert, Lisa Giruzzi. Together they were able to provide an intervention for the ambulance company that created a magnetic and thriving culture causing volunteer participation to more than double; exceeding 19,000 hours per year.  Additionally,  payroll expenses were reduced by over $20,000. Since the issues addressed at Sand Lake Ambulance are common among other EMS organizations, Robbie and Lisa launched an initiative to empower the EMS industry to create similar results. Together, they have formed the EMS Leadership Academypublished a book, and are both committed to having a positive impact on Emergency Services worldwide.

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